ASL Consulting - Chartered Accountants


This section highlights ASL’s extensive experiences in the field of Finance, Accountancy, Auditing, Business Advisory Services and Training.



Danida Engaged ASL in 2007 to review the operation of the MSharp fund managed by the Ghana Aids Commission

Special Independent Review

The review was key requirement for the disbursement of further funds to the Ghana aids commission





ASL was engaged by the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service to perform an in-depth financial management review of SEIP

Special Independent Review





ASL was engaged by the Ghana Education Service, implementing agency for the GPEG/GPASS project, to conduct in-depth financial management review of the GPEG/GPASS project. Report delivered was approved by the World Bank for publication.

In-Depth Financial Management Review





ASL was involved in the in-depth fiduciary review of over 50 water centres managed by Water Health Ghana.

In-depth Fiduciary Review





THE MANOFF GROUP, a USA donor organisation engaged ASL in 2008 for a special review of their operations in Ghana

Special Independent Review





ASL has was engaged by the Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development to undertake in-depth Financial Management Review of the Local Government Capacity Support project implemented in 46 Municipal & Metropolitan Assembly

In-Depth Financial Management Review




ASL was engaged by Population Council to undertake a pre-audit exercise for the financial years 2012 – 2017 

Assurance service

All income and balance sheet captions were pre-audited

2012 – 2017 





ASL was engaged by WISE to provide assurance service since 2010. WISE is an entity funded by UNHCR, AWDF and OSIWA

Assurance service

All income and balance sheet captions were audited

2010 -2014




Accounting Support Services

The following Accounting Support Services have been carried out by ASL Consulting:

Accra (Ghana) – 2005 – 2008

FedEX is a courier service provider that engaged the services of Accounting Solutions Ltd to provide financial advice and financial management services.

Holman Brothers Ghana Limited
Accra (Ghana) – 2005

Holman Brothers Ghana Ltd deals in the sales and maintenance of heavy duty equipment, vehicle parts and accessories. ASL was engaged to provide accounting services for Holman Brothres. ASL also procured business /data management software, provides administrative, financial advice and financial management services.

Nyaho Medical Center
Accra (Ghana) – 2002- 2004

Nyaho Medical Center is a modern hospital situated at the Airport Residential Area. Nyaho engaged ASL to provide administrative, support, financial advice and financial management and accounting services. ASL also facilitated in the establishment and maintenance of a local computer network.

Legon Fisheries Ltd
Accra (Ghana) – 2004

Legon fisheries Ltd deals in sales and storage of fishes. The main office is situated at Tema Fishing Harbour. In August 04, ASL provided them with   accounting, support services, financial advice and financial management services.

Business Advisory Services – Business Plan, Due Diligence and Valuations

Due Diligence and Business Valuation – Advance Ventures Development Limited
Accra (Ghana) – 2005

We were engaged by Advance Venture Development Limited to carry out financial due diligence and valuation of Sterling Financial Services for the company prior to negotiate to acquire some shares in Sterling Financial Services.

ASL was also the Financial Advisors to Advance Ventures Development Limited during the negotiation for the acquisition of the shares in Sterling Financial Services Limited.

Strategic Business Plan
Accra (Ghana) – 2005
ASL was engaged by Victory Bible Church International to prepare five years strategic plan for the future operation of the church.


Human Resources Support Services

Human Resources Recruitment– Energy Pool Limited
Accra (Ghana) –  2005
ASL was engaged by Energy Pool Limited to interview and recruit personnel for the company when the company was taking off its production.

Business Valuation   – Energy Pool Limited
Accra (Ghana) –  2004
Energy Pool Limited manufactures and exports charcoal briquettes to Europe and Asia.
ASL Consulting was engaged to prepare business valuation report   when the company was looking for strategic investors.

Preparation of Business Plan – Thomas Security Limited
Accra (Ghana) –  2003
ASL Consulting was engaged by Thomas Security Limited to prepare a Business Plan to assist the company source for financing.

Financial & Operational review

Operation & Financial review – Ghana Aids Commission
Accra (Ghana) –  2007
ASL Consulting was engaged by Danida to review the M-Sharp fund operated by the Ghana Aids Commission in order to justify the release of further funds.

Operation & Financial review – Cold Temperatures Limited
Accra (Ghana) –  2007
ASL Consulting was engaged by Cold Temperatures Limited to review its financial and operating performance for the year ended December 2007.

Operation & Financial review – Kinross Chirano Gold Mines
Chirano (Ghana) –  2012
ASL Consulting was engaged by Kinross Chirano Mines to establish the historical value of its complex asset – mine asset.

Operation & Financial investigations – NDK Financial Services Limited
Accra (Ghana) –  2013
ASL Consulting was engaged by NDK Financial Services Limited to substantiate alleged financial misappropriations. 

Audit and other Financial Reviews

ASL Consulting Audit and Financial Review portfolio clients include the following:

  • Sagem Energy & Telecom (a branch of Sagem France)
  • Manoff Group Incorporated (USA)
  • Women Initiaive for self Empowerment (WISE)
  • Intercon Securities (Subsidiary of Intercon USA)
  • Sight for Africa
  • Justmac Mining Company
  • Annointed Electrical Engineering
  • Nimonat Construction Company
  • Industrial Park Ghana Limited
  • Dynatech Industries Ghana Ltd
  • Justmac Mining Company
  • Pongas group
  • Genser Power Ghana (IPP)
  • Justmoh Mining Services
  • The Chiropractic & Wellness centre
  • Royal House Chapel
  • WindowTech Limited
  • Justmoh Construction Limited
  • Strategi Commodities Limited
  • Itsalat International (samsung reps in Ghana)
  • Holy Trinity Medical Center and SPA.
  • InterFoods Company Ltd
  • Edmarker Ghana Ltd
  • Bayfield Consumables Ltd
  • Global Energy Ventures
  • Water Health Ghana
  • TF Financial Services
  • Star Capital Ltd
  • Star Asset Management Ltd




  1. Gateway Logistics Limited
  2. Portal Logistics Limited
  3. Justmoh Construction Limited
  4. Justmac Qyarry Limited
  5. Atlantic Butimen Limited
  6. Anointed Electrical Engineering Services Limited
  7. Sagemcom Energy & Telecom
  8. Justmoh Construction Limited
  9. Justmac Quarry Limited
  10. Justmoh Mining Services
  11. Fugro B.V (Oil & Gas)
  12. Fugro Engineers (Oil & Gas)
  13. TF Financial Service
  14. Summit Vision Financial Services
  15. Star Capital Financial Services
  16. Star Asset Management
  17. NYKS Group
  18. InterCon Security Systems
  19. SEAM Oil
  20. Viking Offshore Support Services


  1. Kinross Chirano Gold Mine
  2. NDK Financial Services
  3. Midas Insurance Brokers Limited
  4. Business Link Financial Services


  1. Frimps Oil Company Limited
  2. Eagle Petroleum
  3. Itsalat International
  4. Dynatech Industries Limited
  5. Ghana Engineering Limited
  6. Qunloon Ghana Limited